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    • It started when It started when my ex-wife told me she can’t watch our son this weekend because she needs “some space.” Space from what! Your responsibilities as a parent!? I’m DawgHoused.

      By: Andrewlily,

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  1. Hello, i am not in any way a licensed MD or PhD, or yet anyways lol I currently am working towards my PhD in Psychology, along with understudies in male psychology, and neuro science. Currently, as a 42 year old divorced single mother felt I needed to reassure you on some level of the validity of your feelings. When it comes to parenting, male or female, none of us are perfect, as there is no handbook given to us upon conception. However, it is not brain surgery to ALWAYS put your child FIRST!!! Although my ex husband was a horrible spouse, and our marriage was extremely toxic, we always agreed on our parenting for the best interest in molding our children and instilling proper values. If your ex wife is in a state where she “needs space,” your child is most likely much better off with you anyways. Children, as we all know are like sponges and absorb everything they encounter in their environments as they mature. Again, just speaking from experience as a parent and a teacher. Keep up the good work Dad! Your son is depending on you!!!!


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