tips on how to propose
  • | October 5, 2016
Think you have found the woman of your dreams that will finally put an end to your bachelor days and you’ll be together for the rest of your lives? Proposing can sound a bit challenging, but if you follow the tips below, the process will be much easier.

When it’s time to finally propose to her:

  1. You truly believe that she is the “one”. Many times people rush to get married, thinking their partner is a good wife/husband material without any particular reason or deep feelings accompanying their decision. Yes, she may be nice but is she truly the one?? If you have a good history together, you are compatible, and you can imagine the rest of your life with her—and most importantly, you can’t find any other replacements, then it’s time to make a step forward and propose.

  2. You are sure she is going to accept. You may be thinking in your mind that she is the “one”, but does she think so for you as well? She may not clearly express it, but her true feelings and idea about you will always show in her actions. If she is for example, loving, caring, attentive to your needs, and she makes you feel unique and special, these are all sign she believes you are the “one” too. Therefore, proposing and anticipating her positive response wouldn’t be a struggle.

  3. How to finally propose:
    After your initial decision, the way you are going to propose is very important as this a memory she will remember for the rest of her life—and you better make a good impression. Here are some ways on how you can do it:

  4. Propose to her the traditional way. If she was raised by traditional parents and if she has strong beliefs and morals, consider asking or discussing the matter with her parents and then propose with a simple ”Will you marry me?” down on your knees, with a few friends or family members around cheering and supporting you. It may not be the most original proposal ever, but it works for most cases.

  5. Propose to her during your holidays or a night out e.g. while dining together at a fancy restaurant. If you have planned to go on vacation or just a night out, pick an appropriate place with beautiful, romantic atmosphere and make your proposal there. Women are easily impressed by romantic spots with beautiful scenery and music so make the most of the place and bring up the words she will always remember.

  6. Find something really catchy and inventive. If you are both modern, open-minded, and upbeat and you really want to pleasantly surprise her with some more fun and original consider making the proposal through aero plane signs, bill board, radio shows, on a theater play (speak with the manager of course to make this possible for you), on a concert of your favorite band or singer (after speaking with their team of course), your favorite club where the DJ will play your favorite song during the proposal, and anything that will make you both the starts of the moment. It might feel kind of embarrassing but you will give her something she will be proud to tell in the years that will come.

Good luck.