When To Say I Love You
  • | October 5, 2016
Feeling the rush of loving somebody can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We fall in love at different paces and ways, but how do we actually know when it’s appropriate to express our love to our partners? if you are thinking of uttering the above phrase to your gf or wife, here are some tips on when it’s the right time to do it:

  1. When you are sure you mean it. Saying “I love you” just for the sake of it or with ulterior motivations e.g. to get her to have sex with you more easily can expose you and bring you down to the status of a ruthless liar in her eyes—and we all know women will have their ways of getting back at you. If on the other hand, you really mean these words and you are sure that your mind won’t change and you don’t have any secret motivations for doing so, it’s time to express them.

  2. When enough time has passed to develop rapport between you.  People many times do the mistake of saying “I love you” too soon in the relationship. If you have just been on a couple of dates and not enough has passed to get really closer with the other person, saying these words will appear rushed and excessive—worst case scenario, your date will think you are nuts or fall in love too soon and easily with any girl you have the hots for (rarely a good sign). You don’t have to wait of course for ever for her to express her love first, but at least make sure that you are officially a couple and you have a (happy) history together.

  3. You are sure you can stick with her through both thick and thin and love her no matter what. True love should never be confused with intense attraction and infatuation.  There is a fundamental difference here. True love is a deep feeling of loving someone unconditionally through all life situations they may be going through-- happy or unhappy, healthy or ill, etc. It is mature, stable feeling that can be compared to the shallowness and surface spark of lust and infatuation. If you are sure you feel a deep love for your partner and will always love them no matter what, then it’s time to say it.

Remember that in adult relationships, these words should never be taken lightly and you have to be sure you mean it and that your love won’t start to fade away once something not so favorable happens—you don’t want to hurt deeply the other person or be blamed for being a player and a liar afterwards when things go sour!

Good luck.